Giveaway alert

We are giving away 5 professional yearly subscriptions!
Participation is free of charge, winners will be selected by RandomPicker© on August 1st, 2016

Participating numbers winning a 1 year Interpreters' Help professional subscription are:
4900, 55900, 88300, 38700, 58000

The winning numbers were picked by RandomPicker©, an independant system that helps organizers conduct drawings from a random basis. View details here.

Giveaway rules

The giveaway is open to every Interpreters’ Help registered members, except those with an educational subscription (student or teacher).
Members automatically participate to the giveaway if they meet the requirements.
The giveaway participation is free of charge, no purchase of our service is necessary.
The requirements are:

  • Being an Interpreters’ Help registered member
  • Filling out your profile by July 31st, 2016 and keep it filled out for at least the duration of the giveaway (see Participation status for all the required elements to fill out)
  • Not being anonymous on the site
  • Not having an educational subscription
  • The profile needs to be enabled in Interpreters’ Directory
Members can see if they meet the requirements on this page.
Once all the requirements are met, a number will be assigned to each participant to anonymize the giveaway (so that we don’t have to display your name on the third party website service who takes care of the random selection).
The prizes given away are: 5 Interpreters’ Help professional subscriptions (1 year duration).
The winners will be randomly selected by a third party service called RandomPicker©.
The participating numbers will be entered into RandomPicker© the 1st of August 2016.
On the 1st of August 2016, the random winner’s selection will take place on RandomPicker©.
Winning number will be shown on RandomPicker©’s website, as well as on this page by August 2nd 2016.
Winners will be emailed individually to be informed of their prizes.
In case a winner already has an Interpreters’ Help professional subscription, billing will stop for 12 months and resume after this period of time.
Winners who don’t have a subscription yet, will benefit from it for 12 months and then it will stop.

About Interpreters' Directory

Interpreters’ Directory is a directory of professional interpreters. It lets people/organizations/companies/agencies search for interpreters anywhere in the world by location.
The goal of Interpreters' Directory is to give interpreters an online presence.
To reach more potential clients, it is essential for a professional profile to be out there and easy to find.
Research has shown that the second way of looking for interpreters for a client is by using search engines on the Internet.

Our goal is to help our members have their profile pop up on Google when someone searches for an interpreter in their cities.
While we can’t guarantee the result, we do our best to optimize the page to increase the chances of a profile to pop up.

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