Interpreters' Directory, like the name implies, is a directory of interpreters. You can search for interpreters by city.
As a user of Interpreters' Help, you can join the Directory, unless you are student registered with an Education account.

To appear in Directory search results, you need to enable your profile.
You can do so from this page.

Enable profile in Interpreters' Directory

When our offer expires, or if you cancel your Medium plan, your profile in the Directory will be disabled automatically.

Searches in the Interpreters' Directory are done by city, so we need you to provide an existing location that we can geo-locate.

Provide location for Interpreters' Directory search engine

To make the most of the Directory, it’s also important that you complete your profile.

Inclusion in the Directory offers a number of benefits:

  • You increase your web presence and visibility
  • Potential clients can find you
  • Colleagues can find you
  • You can add a link to your website, which will help increase the ranking of your website on search engines
  • You become part of a large network of interpreters
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