Manage your glossaries and assignments

Create, import, and organize glossaries, share them with colleagues, collaborate.

Search for terms efficiently in the booth

Quickly search your glossaries and see the results instantly.

Find terms, collaborate with the community

Search the community database and help it grow.

Why you'll love Interpreters' Help

Because we provide powerful tools to ease the work of conference interpreters.

Prepare for a conference on our Web app.

Create, save, import, copy and export glossaries from your computer, tablet or phone.

Your glossaries are all in one place, stored in the cloud, easy to search while in the booth and safe from computer crashes.

You can even collaborate with colleagues on glossaries, share and copy them.

Find terms in our Glossary Farm and contribute to the public database.

Glossary on Interpreters'Help

Access your glossaries offline with our free iPad and desktop apps.

BoothMate lets you search your glossaries very quickly. It's available on iPad, Mac OS X and Windows 10.

It syncs with the website and can be used in the booth even without an Internet connection.

BoothMate for interpreters

Manage your assignments, work with a team.

Prepare for conferences, save all information about your assignments. Attach glossaries. Upload files. Consult your assignment history. View all assignments by client.

As Team Leader, prepare for assignments and share information and material with your team.

As a team member, view assignments and material shared with you and comment on assignments.

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