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Discover our different plans

1 private glossary slot
(up to 500 lines)
Unlimited public glossary slots
(up to 500 lines each)
100 MB storage space*
For students and teachers
The Professional plan free for the duration of your studies.
No strings attached

All plans include Glossary search, Jobs/Clients, Network.

* What is "storage space"?

This is the space you have for uploading files, including:

  • Job material that you can share with colleagues
  • Glossary imports (we keep a history of imported files)
  • Any type of document you want to keep stored safely

Storage space is not related to the storage of your glossaries.

** Pro features

  • Glossary copy, pdf export, print
  • Export, print or copy a glossary shared with me

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum commitment period for your subscription plans?

There's no minimum commitment period, but keep in mind that your subscription automatically renews at the end of each billing period.
You can cancel your subscription at any time, in which case it will expire at the end of the current billing period.
A billing period is one month or one year, depending on the type of plan you chose.

While there is no minimum commitment period, we don't refund part of a billing period. So if you cancel your account before the end of the current billing period, you won't get a refund for the remaining time.

If I cancel my subscription, do I lose all my data (glossaries, recordings, files, etc.)?

When you cancel your subscription, all your data is saved; you are now under the Free plan.
You can still view any private glossaries you created during your paying subscription, but you can’t edit them any longer. This also applies to those colleagues with whom you shared the glossaries: anyone who had editing rights will now lose them.
Any files you uploaded will also remain in your account.
You can still export your glossaries to Excel (xlsx), so you always stay in control of your data.
You can also still view all your private speeches and recordings, but you can’t edit them any longer.

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