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Benoît Werner

Engineer, Co-Founder

Benoît Werner (Berlin, Germany) is a co-founder of Interpreters' Help. He graduated from Epitech, Paris, with a degree in Information Technology in 2005. He has built numerous websites. Benoît is also a classical singer.


Yann Plancqueel

Engineer, Co-Founder

Yann Plancqueel (Paris, France) is a co-founder of Interpreters' Help. Responsible for back-end engineering, he joined Interpreters' Help after a successful career in video game development. He also earned a degree in Information Technology from Epitech, Paris, in 2005. Yann is also a qualified sociologist and proficient rock drummer.

Many thanks to

We would like to thank the following people for their inspiration and support: Gueorgui Tcherednitchenko, Ryan Bates (of Railscasts), Tim Ferriss, Rivers Cuomo (of Weezer) and of course everyone who helped us test the site, reported bugs, gave us feedback, encouraged us, and put up with us while we were working on Interpreters' Help.

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