How it works

Our tools, specifically designed for interpreters, will help you save on prep time.

Create glossaries online or import your existing ones

They are securely stored in the cloud, and you can import Word and Excel files

Glossaries in the cloud

Share glossaries

Share glossaries with colleagues or with everyone

Share with the people you want, collaborate on a glossary, organize a conference

Access your glossaries from any device

With an Internet connection, access your glossaries from your computer, tablet or phone

Glossaries in your web browser

Lookup glossaries in the booth

Search your terminology while in the booth

Look up terminology in the booth with our super fast search function

Prepare jobs for yourself and your team

Keep a history of all your jobs and clients

Manage clients and jobs

Upload files

Upload files

Save all files you need for a conference and find them easily

Attach glossaries

See which glossaries you used for an job

Attach glossaries to jobs

Interpreters network

Work together with your colleagues, grow your professional network

Be part of a growing interpreter community

Help build the greatest database of glossaries for interpreters

Reuse and improve the work of others, share your work, participate in a great project that benefits everyone

Database of free public glossaries

Try Interpreters' Help and take your glossaries to a whole new level!

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