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Carsten Hinz

Carsten Hinz

Conference Interpreter


Based in: Berlin, Germany

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How did you get into interpreting?

I got into interpreting more or less by coincidence. I had been an activist in gay and public health contexts for several years and I had learned that you can do anything you want, as long as you are convincing and you have some kind of degree. 
So I decided to study conference interpreting, just to get a degree. I have always loved languages and in my years as an activist, I had become familiar with the international conference scene. 
And one day, I received my first offer through my activist connections, and to my big surprise: I was able to do it and I liked it!

What aspect do you like most about your job?

The greatest thing is that in the best of cases, we contribute to understanding and comprehension between people. We help our clients to avoid typical cross-cultural misunderstandings and misconceptions! 
And what is also great is that after the conference, we are going home, and we don't have to deal with all the complicated follow-ups, reports, and deadlines that people talked about during the conference...

Are you participating in other projects or activities?

As we come into contact with such a great variety of issues, my personal horizon is much wider today than when I was an activist.
Still, I have maintained my commitment to some issues, and I choose the good causes I want to support - sometimes by offering pro bono service, sometimes by getting more involved.

How to reach Carsten Hinz

You can contact Carsten through ECHOO:

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