BoothMate is a companion app for Interpreters' Help that allows you to search your glossaries in the Booth, without the need for an Internet connection.
BoothMate is currently available on iPad, Mac OS X and Windows 10.
BoothMate for Mac OS X and Windows 10 only allows you to search your glossaries, not to edit them.

BoothMate for interpreters

Once you've signed in, your glossaries will sync with the website.
See "Troubleshooting" below if you experience any problems.

When BoothMate is open, it will automatically sync your glossaries every 5 minutes. You can also sync manually by clicking on the "Synchronize" button.

Once you've finished preparing your glossaries online before a conference, don't forget to open BoothMate while you still have an Internet connection to synchronize all your changes and ensure that you have the most recent versions of your glossaries.

BoothMate only synchronizes lines from glossaries; it doesn’t synchronize short descriptions, tags, notes, sources, files, etc.

BoothMate for iPad is our most advanced BoothMate. While BoothMate for Mac OSX and BoothMate for Windows only allow you to look up terms in your glossaries, BoothMate for iPad also allows you to edit your glossaries, provided that you have an active subscription.

When you edit your glossaries offline, as soon as you have an Internet connection again, your offline changes will be merged into your online glossaries.

Note that you cannot create a glossary on iPad, you can only edit existing ones.
If you want to save terms that aren’t part of any existing glossary, use the On-The-Go Glossary.
Once synced online, you can create a new glossary and sync the lines you created in the new glossary.

The On-The-Go Glossary is a special glossary created by BoothMate for iPad.

We developed the On-The-Go Glossary to allow you to create a brand new glossary right from your device, even without an Internet connection – and without bloating BoothMate's interface with all the capabilities offered on the regular web interface.

The On-The-Go Glossary has limited features:

  • It is always private
  • It can't be renamed or shared and you cannot tag or import terms from a file
  • It can't have user-defined columns
  • It can't be connected to a job
  • It can only contain up to 100 lines

It is designed to be copied into a new regular glossary for further use once BoothMate is synchronized with the web interface.
A "Copy" button can be found on the "Glossary page."

You can search all your glossaries or just selected ones in the left column.

By clicking on "Languages," you can choose which languages to search for and display.

The search function is not case or accent sensitive.

Don't hesitate to give us feedback about your experience with BoothMate and let us know how you would improve it.

BoothMate settings

Issue 1

The loading bar gets stuck the first time you launch BoothMate for macOS.


Use the following link to install Java™ on your computer (preferably using Google Chrome or Firefox):

We recommend using Google Chrome or Firefox to open the link, because a few people have reported that it didn't open in Safari.

BoothMate loading

Issue 2

After installing the latest Mac OS update, BoothMate doesn't synchronize glossaries anymore, and no lines are being displayed.


This problem is related to Java™.
The solution is to install the "developer" version of Java™. It's a much bigger file (about 250MB) but you install it like any other app and it has no impact or side effect on your system.
You can download it from the following page, choose Mac OS version (Java SE Development Kit 8u161) :

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