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Publishing content publicly

Interpreters’ Help does not host the videos of the “speech database”, they are embedded from YouTube.
The person who has uploaded a video on YouTube must have granted embedding rights for the video. If not, it cannot be added and displayed on Interpreters’ Help’s speech database.

By using the practice section:
  • You agree not to add a video to Interpreters’ Help speech database that is unlawful or offensive in any way.
  • You understand that the video and the metadata that you add to describe it can be seen, completed or modified by other members of Interpreters’ Help.
  • You must make sure that the video you add in Interpreters’ Help speech database does not infringe copyrights:
    You must make sure that the person (physical or moral) who has uploaded the video on YouTube is the owner of the content of the video and has granted embedding rights or that the video is in the public domain.

We reserve the right to remove any video from the database at anytime without prior notice.
Note that you can report any video that you think does not respect the rules.
You are solely responsible for the videos you add to the database and their content.

Using content

Interpreters’ Help disclaims any and all responsibility or liability in connection with the videos added to the database by the members and their content.
Note that you can report at any time any video that you think does not respect the rules.

Sharing a recording

You understand that when you share a recording with other members of Interpreters’ Help, they will be able to rate, comment (give feedback) on the recording.
And if your recording was based on a private video, the members with whom you share the recording will be able to view the video.

Interpreters’ Help disclaims all responsibility on any action a member can take with your recording.

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